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Front & Centre Episode 9: Thursday 14th September


It’s Front & Centre’s electronic special!!! Where we are playing electronic music to go along with our incredible conversation with the phenomenal Black Summer, a 14-year-old DJ who blew up on the music scene when he was only 11, turning the heads of artists such as Flume and Deadmau5. Another great conversation with another great guest! But first, in the weekly unheard-of news, Sean and Julza discuss something weirder than Julza’s sense of humour; art exhibits, and there have been some absolute doozies this week, from Pixar’s Up-inspired installations, to museums chasing fatbergs (they’re a real thing), to an Acro-cat circus!


  1. Gun - Chvrches
  2. Madness - Muse
  3. Young Like Me - Black Summer feat. Lowell
  4. Bangarang - Skrillex
  5. 7even OH! - Massappeals
  6. Melt - KLP


Black Summer – 14-year-old DJ who exploded onto the music scene when he was only 11

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