Episode 1!

Slayboarder – Mix Master Mike and Rahzel – ‘SSX’
Lost Woods Remix – Ephixa – ‘Zelda: Ocarina of Time’
First Flight – Keiki Kobayaski – Ace Combat 5
Attract Theme – NAMCO – Ridge Racer
Attract Theme – Sega AM3 – Manx TT Superbike
Attract Theme – Sega AM1 – Indy 500
Main Theme – Bethesda – Skyrim
Age of Aggression – Sven – Skyrim
Age of Aggression Cover – Malukah – Skyrim
Test of the L’Cie – Masashi Hamauzu – Final Fantasy XIII
Next Week: Final Fantasy.. what whaat?

February 17th 2012
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