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Episode 1: David Liebe Hart, Deb Filler and Suburban Smack Down Narrre Warren


Sunday Brunch is apart of Get Cereal, SYN’s flagship breakfast radio show, you can catch Get Cereal 6am-9am week days on SYN 90.7FM. 

On today’s episode Scott and Producer Ash from Get Cereal Monday will be chatting aliens and ghosts with musician and puppet extraordinaire David Liebe Hart. We will also be playing you an interview that Nabila did with the incredible NZ performer Deb Filler about her production ‘I Lost It In Kiev’ and fianlly we will be playing you some behind the scenes footage from ‘Suburban Smackdown Narree Warren’ featuring Scott Woodard from Monday’s Get Cereal, Justin Hays from Thursday’s Get Cereal and Chloe Watson from Friday’s Get Cereal. Also a big thank you to Ben-Sound for supplying us with our lovely intro song. Enjoy! 

Presented by: Nabila Petrucci and Benjamin Quigley 

Produced by: Nabila Petrucci 


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