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Episode 11: Sport


Vic Healy joins Murphy, Claire and Tom to chat about the do’s and don’ts of sport including friendly rivalry, obsessing, organising events on the grand final, sports that aren’t sports, jumping on the bandwagon, competitiveness, travelling for sports viewing, horse racing and more!

Tom takes us through a hypothetical involving netball, poison, vomiting and nudity and Claire quizzes her co-hosts about Hobart and Melbourne’s Wikipedia pages.

Everyone lists their sporting achievements, Murphy reveals to Tom that he is his housemate, Claire is late, Vic finds out she wasn’t invited to a friend’s party and Tom opens up the fact vault.

Be a winner and listen!

More by Murphy, Claire & Tom present - A Modern Guide to Etiquette in the Twenty-First Century and Beyond: A detailed cross-section of life from the expert minds of some.


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