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Episode 12: Winning and Losing


Michael Chamberlin joins Murphy, Claire and Tom to chat about the do’s and don’ts of winning and losing including celebrating, bragging, friendly rivalry, losing with dignity,the Grand Final, staying until the end of the game, boardgames, betting, awards and more!

Tom takes us through a hypothetical involving Shane Warne, bribery and Tony Danza and Claire pits her co hosts against each other on Melbourne and Hobart trivia.

Murphy recounts the time his friend ate a bull’s eye, Claire recalls the time her teacher threw an eraser at her head and called her “Rubberhead”, Tom remembers the greatest victory he has ever achived involving Joey off Blossom, and Michael recounts the time his friend ate a urinal cake.

Don’t be a loser, LISTEN!!!

November 10th 2014
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