EvaporAID : Comedy Review

From Rubiks Cubes to spandex, Sydney-siders were treated to a jam-packed night of laughs at the EvaporAID flood fundraiser on Sunday night. 
With over 15 acts performing at Sydney’s Comedy Store, the event raised a grand total of $7700 dollars to support the victims of the Queensland and Victorian floods as 300 people attended the fundraiser, with another 150 watching online and even more listening on the radio via sponsors Viacorp and Barry Radio.
Throughout the night there were auctions and raffles, with the highest bidder paying $200 dollars for a box of cupcakes and a DVD freshly signed by Danny Bhoy who was a stand-out performance on the night.
Dan Ilic, recently back in Australia from a 6-month stint in the US, brought some Oprah-like generosity to the night by giving Shamwows to every second audience member, and those with ‘obnoxious laughter’ each received a case of ‘delicious Tasmanian rain water’ – just what we needed, more rain. 
The highlight of the night was without a doubt Dan Moore, who had the audience in tears as he announced his role as Director of Man Fizz after being rejected by Physi Australia. Accompanied by Dan Ilic, Laurence Leung, a spandex suit and a home-made banner titled ‘Man Fizz Forever!’, Moore performed a memorable aerobic routine to Bonnie Tyler.
Only Danny Bhoy could top Moore with the restaurant run by the Chinese Elvis and the recent lacking maternal effort of Mother Nature that should have arisen in a custody and child support battle. The night didn’t end there, as the Fully Sick Rapper became one lucky audience member’s personal topless waiter for $150, and Misha with a silent ‘K’ bought her way into the final act for $40. Raffle tickets sold throughout the night raised $1370, with the major prize going to ABC Radio’s Mark Colvin who won tickets to the Orchestra, the theatre, gift vouchers and DVD’s.
No one was safe during the night though as Desh poked fun at his Indian father for cling wrapping the TV, Michael Hing pointed out the racism in the audience by ‘wooing’ at the sheer mention of the Shire, and Matt Okine travelled through Kenya, seeing World Vision shooting commercials every few miles.
Robby McGregor quickly retracted his offer to help clean up Brisbane after seeing the mud, instead inundating us with puns for the country’s latest water attraction and alternate names for EvaporAID – ‘Bris-Venice’, ‘packed to the rafters’ and ‘floating your boat’ to name just a few.
And reminding us all of the irony that Pauline Hanson had now become a boat person, Dan Ilic didn’t peak too early either.
Katie Hale

February 3rd 2011
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