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EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Mario exposed as anti-vaxxer – P1NG


Dr. Mario has been forced to acknowledge our discovery that he doesn’t believe in the legitimacy of vaccines.

“It’s-a-me, Doctor Mario.”

The doctor seem unfazed by our claim that vaccines were essential to stem the large number of flu deaths in Australia this year, and handed us a pamphlet with apparent products he was selling.

“Vaccineses don’t-a work, but I do have-a some-a magic pillses.”

250 Mushroom Kingdom coins, or $195 Australian for each pill.

Part 2 of our Dr. Mario investigation coming soon.

[Editor’s Note: Don’t let Dr. Mario sell you his magic pills, we don’t believe he is a legit doctor. Get a legitimate vaccination for this year’s horror flu season.]

Words by Stefan.
‘P1NG’ logo by Nick.
‘Player One News Gatherers’ (‘P1NG’) is Player One’s Investigative Journalism Unit

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