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This season Art Smitten asked each guest to contribute a sentence to an ongoing story. Guests were only read the previous contributed line of the story. The end product was read aloud by producer Lauren on the last show of season 1 (April 10th). 

STARTING SENTENCE: Sarah didn’t know what to expect when she walked in…

Gemma FlackShe glanced around the room and noticed a strange triangular mound in the corner.

Erkki VeltheimIn this mound there is a very small door with a very small keyhole through which a light could be seen, flickering.

Louisa RankinDid she dare see what was on the other side or did she stay in the safety of her surroundings

Belinda Campbell & Jennifer PiperAs she heard the door begin to creak, she knew at once she only had one choice. And swiftly – she drew her glowing blue khatana, holding it aloft akin to Shira and cried —!


Rachel Dyson-McGregor: And suddenly, the ceiling opened and pineapples fell from the sky – pre-cut, whole, spikey bits that were poking her in the eyes, and she became covered in fruit, and it rose and rose and rose until she was right up to her neck in pineapples

Josh Wright: Luckily her incredibly well equipped suit started to function and giant razor blades came out from around her body and started to spin wildly – as the pineapples disintegrated and juiced themselves into a sweet liquid which she gathered up ready to drink.

Tom Middletitch: Having now acquired a certain amount of pineapple juice, the customers that had come in asking for said martinis were pleased. However, her razor suit was still in action, and unfortunately the movement of the blades prevented her from getting to the emergency stop button. She was a flailing pencil case of weaponry – and there were no pineapples to help.

Margaret Kernich: She thought “Mmmmm, that’s another way to reinvent the nutri-bullet concept. I’ll just whip up a pineapple and mint smoothie right here right now”.

Kate Dehnert: And then I picked up the tennis racquet and started batting tennis balls at the dog

Tom Oliver, Teyha Nicholson, Jacob Dibb: The dog went into her mother’s arms and cried heavily until her legs fell off

Jennifer Byrne & Vicky Falconer-Pritchard: Then one morning, things got pretty naked

Laura Davis: On the way to the shops

Daniel Sloss: She stumbled and broke her ankle

Sarah Gaul: She fell onto a patch of freshly mown grass – when she looked up, she saw the person she least expected to see

Stuart Bowden: He had a sinister grin, he was holding the biggest pumpkin she had ever seen

Wil GreenwayIt was amazing that the pumpkin mattered so much considering that her hair was burning, hotly

Tessa Waters: Oh he poured the bucket of water on his head and said to the pumpkin, “Come on old friend, let’s go home”.


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