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Ezcapades feat. Tomfoolery and Jaking Around


Ez interviews Tom Attard and Jake Colman, two thirds of the Melbourne a cappella group Drums of Warwho won the 2015 Vocal Australia AUSACA Championships. What’s in store:

1. TED talk topics

2. Forming Drums of War and gearing up for the Australasian Competish

3. -NEW- game: Two Truths and a Lie (Cockroach Milk?!)

4. Thoughts you had as a kid that should have been corrected much earlier on

5. DoW’s Sunrise telly performance, highest/lowest crowd you’ve ever performed to and advice to budding vocalists

Drums of War have kindly allowed me to include their track, Outkast Medley, in my podcast. If you enjoy it please show them some love!

Songs: 1. Ordinary Boys feat Lady Sov – 9 to 5, 2. Bag Raiders – Friend Inside, 3. Drums of War – Outkast Medley, 4. Grimes – Venus Fly feat. Janelle Monae, 5. Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta, 6. Rudimental – Go Far feat Will Heard, 7. City Calm Down – Border on Control


August 17th 2016
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