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Farter Figures – Episode 6 – Stay at Home Dads

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Episode 6 is online and guess who made headlines in Dad news….


On this episode of Farter Figures we discover stay at home dads. They are still uncommon in Australia but I speak to three dads about their duties remaining home to look after their children. We talk about the challenges, isolation, stigma, and good times that come with being a stay at home dad.

I also chat to a Jennifer Baxter, a senior research fellow at the Australian Institute of Family Studies about her research into the low numbers of Stay at home dads in Australia.

It’s a really eye-opening episode with no shortage of laughs, dad content and all the usual segments that make Farter Figures special.

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Farter Figures has also announced it is having a Fathers Day special!

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  1. I'm bugged at my ol' man - The Beach Boys
  2. Kitchen Man - The Reels
  3. Daddy's Little Girl - Nikki D


Jennifer Baxter – Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Institute of Family Studies
Tristan – Stay at home dad
Clint – Stay at home dad (https://www.facebook.com/ReservoirDad/)
Sam – Part-time stay at home dad (http://humanordinary.com/)

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