Feb 14th City of Rhythm

Dance Dance Dance, shake you’re boooooty!!!
This week I had a chat with three people, representing three different styles of dance in Melbourne town.
Firstly, Andrea Markis from Underbelly Dance, specialising in ancient dance forms. For more info on classes, and the Underbelly Troup’s upcoming gigs check out: http://www.underbellydance.com/
Also chatted with Jeremey Pentice from African Drumming. Head to their website for info on dance and drum classes: http://www.africandrumming.com.au/
Finally talked to the very talented Keko from salsa band Orulas Crew. Had a chat to us about his beautiful compositions and a new salsa night that has just hit the Melbourne CBD called La Salsa Nightclub. For more info:
Akomba Beat- Saa
Blak Roots- Running to Mountain Zion
Unified Gecko- Dane Dane
Unified Gecko- Pinar Basi
Ganga Giri- Peace to the Middle East
Circle of Rhythm- Drum Tounge
Circle of Rhythm- Water Dragon
Soukous Ba Congo- Zonga Zonga
Soukous Ba Congo- Beautiful People
Carlitos Way- Xiomara
Orulas Crew- Muchacho Tranquilo
Orulas Crew- La Chimera
Lotek ft. RuC.L- Sundance


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