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Federal Budget Live Panel


It was the best day of Joe Hockey’s life, but not so much for young Australians. It’s all cuts, savings and the end of entitlement, but what do those numbers mean for young Australians?

Tune in to hear Represent Executive Producer Sally Whyte cross to SYN Nation’s Canberra correspondent Yen Eriksen followed by a fiery panel.

The panel is Simon Breheny, President of the Victorian Young Liberals and Director of the Legal Rights Project at the Institute of Public Affairs, Justin Boyd, Senior Vice President of Australian Young Labor, Ellen Sandell, Greens candidate for the seat of Melbourne at the upcoming Victorian election and former National Director at Australian Youth Climate Coalition and Kim Liu, Publications Director of the Economics Student Society of Australia and economics honours student.

We discuss changes to higher education, Newstart and Youth Allowance and broken promises.

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