Felicia’s Work Experience – Blog 2


On the first day of my work experience I got a full tour of the Syn and the studio, since I have never been in a studio before it was all exciting and new! I got to hang with the news youth group and observed as they got the information and news prepared before going on air. I then had the chance to accompany them and watch them on air and it was amazing to hear them and be in live action with them.

After I got to watch the amplify show go to air, seeing the panel made me a bit nervous on how complicated it looked but was quickly reassured that it all came together with a lot of training and dedication to make the show flow and professional.  

On my second day I got to wrap a lot of CDS that are given away at Syn events. Then went to get the Syn mail at a local post office with my supervisor. After we got back I got a half an hour break and then was invited for the staff meeting which was very laid back and welcoming.

Even though it has only been two days, it has been two days well spent I look forward to the rest of my experience here at Syn and hope to do training and be a member next year!!!  Syn offers a variety of trainings and puts you out there and on air, it gives the youth  a chance to be seen as more than just young people. 


SYN Work Experience

October 19th 2014
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