Festival Review: LOST PICNIC @ Flemington, 07.10.18



Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne

07 / 10 / 18

Words by Matilda Elgood / Photos by Jack Hollenberg


At a time of the year when weather can be temperamental – maybe hot, maybe freezing – Lost Picnic came out an absolute winner. The crowd was a diverse mix of people, from young families, to mature adults. For some, it might have been the final treat of the school holidays before returning to school the very next day. A wholesome day of fun with the family. With all kinds of food and drinks scattered around the ground, there was a lot to indulge the senses. In between the musical acts, the audiences were entertained by various performers. A dancing couple on stilts stole the show early in the day as they bent back and forth and danced about with some cool tricks. The subtle harness holding the performers up maintained the magic of the performance.

Performers on stilts at Lost Picnic 2018

Performers on stilts at Lost Picnic 2018

The day kicked off with Melbournians, Big Words. The duo has previously been teasing fans with new music coming out on the 8th. Big Words’ set was a perfect way to tide them over until the arrival of new releases. The crowd was soon after captivated by Odette, whose voice single-handedly radiated across the entirety of Flemington Racecourse. (And if you haven’t been there before – it’s really big!) Before too long Hot Potato Band took to the stage. The large band served up some serious Cat Empire vibes. No other act had the mums and bubs up and dancing in the sunshine as much – this set was for everyone. Meanwhile, a tribute to Mac Miller with ‘Dang!’ engaged the older ‘kids’.

Odette performs at Lost Picnic 2018


Finally, Marlon Williams brought the sex appeal to the stage. The kids have had their fun, time for mum (and dad) to enjoy themselves. Crowd favourites ‘What’s Chasing You’ and ‘Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore’ excited the crowd. Williams stood right at the edge of the stage, if any closer he would be standing amongst his audience. His dance moves were suave with his hips going in all directions. For those sitting further away from the stage, it was a nice opportunity to calm the body with some great music and the sun at its peak.

Marlon Williams at Lost Picnic 2018

Marlon Williams

Bringing the day close to an end was Meg Mac. It has been a little while since Melbourne crowds have been blessed with this angel in a live show. With new music dropping soon, we hope this means there is more to come. Accompanying Mac on stage was Hannah, her back-up singer sister. Hannah is no stranger to Mac’s live shows, with the two of them often sharing the stage. A special addition to the wholesome day full of family fun. Mac ran through some earlier favourites, including ‘Roll Up Your Sleeves’ and a Bill Withers cover, ‘Grandma’s Hands’. Mac mentioned how humbled she was by the common mistake of thinking the Withers song was a Meg Mac original. The strength of the Melbourne singer was almost frightening. The opening notes of her set gave a shock because of the bold sound. Mac gave a special mention to the first song she ever released – ‘Every Lie’, a familiar sound to the crowd. Touching on her debut album, Low Blows, Mac cruised through ‘Grace Gold’ and ‘Low Blows’. Having released the song only days before, loyal fans were anticipating to hear ‘Give Me My Name Back’ live for the first time. Alas, Mac must be waiting for a better opportunity to unveil that beauty.

Meg Mac at Lost Picnic 2018

Meg Mac

As the sunlight began to dim, headliner Tash Sultana took to the stage. Playing in Melbourne for the first time since her debut album release, Flow State, the anticipation was high amongst the local crowd. Sultana grew up in the surrounding area, attending events at Flemington growing up. The Melbourne artist shared how it had come full circle for her to be now performing at the venue. As the sun went down further, the more the crowd got to their feet. And after a day full of ridiculous toilet waits, there was finally no line. Everyone’s a winner.

Tash Sultana closes Lost Picnic 2018

Tash Sultana

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