First Day Fears…

Today was my first day of Work Experience here at SYN.
Honestly it started off the same as any first day does.
Of course I got up hours before I had to leave, ‘just in case’ something went wrong, and of course, it didn’t. I made my way anxiously to The House of SYN, hands sweating, heart thumping and my entire body slightly shaking. Well it wasn’t quite that dramatic, but I was nervous. Even though I knew I had nothing to worry about, nothing at all, there was still that doubt in my mind that everything was going to go horribly wrong.
But of course it didn’t.
From the moment I walked in the door, the rush came over me, just as I knew it would, and I knew it would all be okay.
So first things first, I was greeted by Emma, and shown around The House of SYN. I was then given time to surf the website, read all about SYN, it’s history, board members and volunteers. While checking out the website page by page, it was also interesting to listen to the volunteers discussing ideas for their radio show topics (sorry for eavesdropping), and it gave me a good inside idea of what really goes on here at SYN. The more I heard, the more I realised, what an interesting, different, but fascinating place it really is.
Once I think I had learned almost everything there is to know about SYN’s history, I was then given the job of filing, which, to be honest, actually was quite interesting. Really it was. After perfecting the art of putting papers under different letters and months, it was then my job to collect the mail. After a brisk walk to the post office on A’Beckett street and a slight tiff with the lady at the post office about proving I am who I said I was, I was then back at the SYN office to sort out the mail.
When I had successfully completed that job, it was time for lunch.
While sitting on the steps of the State Library, eating my strawberries and drinking my Starbucks iced chocolate, it made me realise how lucky I am to have such an awesome place to do Work Experience at. I mean, this is a radio station that really matters. Somewhere for everyone and anyone, to be involved in and listen to. Thats cool.
So here I am, at 2.24pm, sitting on the computer and rambling away. I’m not sure what I’m doing after this, but whatever it is I will sure write about it tommorrow.
For now, over and out.
– Victoria

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