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First Kisses, Second Dates, and The Orgasm Gap – 1 May 2022

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Kicking off a new season of The Naughty Rude Show, Zack and Taymi debate whether first kisses are all that important. Everyone always plays up the drama of the first kiss in a relationship, but how much do they really matter?

They also dive into the orgasm gap, the fact that women orgasm far less than men. They share theories for why it exists, and propose possible solutions to help close the gap so everyone can come together.

They pair tackle the often forgotten second date. With how important that first date can be, the second one often goes overlooked but The Naughty Rude team is here to help YOU set up the second date of your dreams.

Speaking of dreams, we were asked this week about wet dreams – and Zack has some frustrations he needs to share. We were also asked about the importance of common interests in relationships.

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  1. Boxes - GRAE
  2. KWEEN ENERGY - Sophiya & Jess B
  3. Gimmie Some Ice Cream - Ural Thomas & The Pain
  4. Neither Am I - Fleur De Mur
  5. Dancing With Your Silhouette - Indii G
  6. Why Do I Keep You? - Telenova
  7. LOSE OUR MINDS - Porij
  8. Transparent - Syrup
  9. Gasoline - CHYMES
  10. Ain't No Thief - Viagra Boys
  11. ERA - The Faim
  12. The Dream State - RIIKI REID
  13. DFRNT - Nerve
  14. Don't You Ever - Kae Tempest
  15. Sadie Sorceress - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  16. LOVE - Lionel Boy
  17. Crush - Simone Strauss


Executive Producer: Zack Goutzoulas
Presenters: Taymi

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