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Flashback to the chop

Well we finally have access to the Oh Yeah! SYN webpage, which means we can finally start posting content from the show.


So what better to put in our fist post than Harley’s ultimate embarrasment and probably the worst pain his nipple has ever suffered, The Chop!!


For those that don’t know about this amazing event, during the Summer Season of this year Harley decided to attempt to aggravate Troy by saying that Professional Wrestling (Something Troy is very heavily involved in) is fake.

This got to the point where Harley decided he would issue a challenge. If Troy could find a wrestler willing to Knife Edge Chop (Example here)him he would willingly take the move in an attempt to prove that wrestling is fake.

So after a couple weeks Troy found and brought in a veteran of the Pro Wrestling world to deliver the ultimate test to Harley. The Centre of Attention, Trikki D!



Below is the audio from that eye opening event. You can also check out the video of Troy’s perspective of the event here 


Next week (The week of Troy’s waxing) shall begin the hopeful posting of regular content to this page, including podcasts of the show from that week and any other extra media we may create. So please be sure to join this page and our Facebook page (here) to follow us week to week as the Oh Yeah! revolution marches on.


February 27th 2014
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