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WOWOWOW LAST DAYWhat can i say! This whole week has been funtastic!Desiree and i kinda had our own one hour show, maaaan. Thanks to Belle (hope that’s right) but without her we would have died. Yep, died. We brainstormed our ideas for segments and came up with things such as awkward crowd moments and weird hates/pet peaves we have, mine being when people rub their hands on carpet…ergh…The show went really welll and i’m really happy with our effort. WOW ok so someone called in asking about one of my songs which was pretty cool even known i really had nothing to do with it it’s still pretty amazing when someone compliments your music tastes.  Yeah this entry is pretty all over the place wewewJust a thanks to everyone at SYN helped us out and were all so nice to us all the time, it’s been fabulous 🙂 hopfully i’ll be back soon with a siq az membership 😛  BYE Joanna  

October 4th 2013
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