“For You” – Oscar + Martin

The nostalgic minimalist sounds of Oscar + Martin and their debut For You will be flooding SYN’s airwaves all of this week.
Formally Psuche, the two-piece (who are actually named Oscar Slorach-Thorn and Martin King) create a perfect blend of quirky and weird tape loops and beats, with R’n’B and pop melodies that flow over the fantastic music beds in the form of the fragile falsetto of Slorach-Thorn. The music strings poetry about girls and childhood that just helps transport listeners to places that other musicians and writers haven’t dared to take us for quite some time now.
Although the album features 10 tracks, the LP is over before you know it; it only just gets past the 30 minute mark, which is hardly much longer than other bands’ EPs. But you know the album has left a mark when at the end of ‘Do The Right Thing’ you’re eagerly pressing repeat to let For You take you on that trip again.