FREE CDS ! And other stuff. Day 4 and Day 5

Wow, I am actually so behind with my blogs! The days have just swept past me like leafs drifting though the wind. So I have decided to post two days in one (Thursday and Friday) and unfortunately this will be the last SYN blog I will ever do, EVER in my whole life! So to show some sympathy to this very heartbreaking moment I am going to take a second to pause and reflect on how sad this is… Well now that’s over I can get into what happened on this very special and quite amazing days. Thursday in my opinion would have had to be the best day of them all. It was the day where we got to do all of the things we were looking forward to! Like Talking live on air, make promos and for me the coolest of the all the music meeting, HELL TO THE YES! So Thursday started average, arrived at the house of SYN about a quitter to one, then greeted the lovely Kristina and she told us all what was our plans for today. We started the day with admin, which isn’t boring anymore it’s actually quite fun since we all know each other so we have stupid and pointless conversations which are the best type of conversations, I think you can agree with me on that. Anyway after we did admin Kristina called us into the back room and got us to sit down and informed us on our next mission. DUN, DUN, DUN! Our next mission was to create ID’s For SYN, which was pretty awesome. If you’re not quite sure what an ID is, it’s the little pieces of auto that gets played in between songs, radio segments and ads to inform you on what radio station you’re listening to. We then brainstormed everything idea that emerged into our head. Then at 2 we went to the studio and recorded them we had a good 45 minutes of studio time so we also got to mess around. Oh, and got to be in control of the sound bored which was rather cool! When it got to 2:45 we headed back to the house and listened back to everything, and we got some ready good stuff which made us all proud. We then met Eddie! Eddie is the news reporter on Panorama every Thursday. He gave us different seconds of the news to research and report on. I got the sport; I had to write a brief 50 to 100 words on some hot new sport headline. When everyone finished we headed to the studio again to report on LIVE AIR! I was actually so nerves even though I didn’t have to say much I had never spoke properly on live radio. But I did alright, I stuffed up a little bit but it was fine. After that we sat in on a Panorama show and joined in on a discussion on ‘what teachers should be judged on’, which was fun. I actually had quite a lot to say and a strong point of view and I was much more comfortable speaking live on air. We also played a game were an animal sound was played and you had to guess what animal it was, that made us have some good laughs. When Panorama was over we had our break. At break time we went to Melbourne Central and I got some Sushi, Evie got chips and Thom claimed he had a massive two cause Asian meal before hands so we wasn’t that hungry. We then headed back to the house of SYN where we got to sit in on an AWESOME may I repeat AWESOME music meeting. The meeting started off by everyone stating their name and what they have been listening to lately and then the group broke up and listened to some new music they have got sent. But because we are work experience and we are special we got to rummage though CDs and get as many as we wanted.  So I being me went crazy, because I utterly love music, so free CDs to me is like HEAVEN! And I am not even over exaggerating. But anyway it was 6:15 before I knew it and I had to leave because unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the whole meeting L Friday was just another chill day we got to the house of SYN and had a few laughs and got a job of rapping CDs in groups of five and stamping them. When he finished that we then got to EDIT our AWESOME IDS, which we did as a team. And I have to admit for people who have just met each other we have great team work skills. When we finished editing our IDS which turned out so, so very genius we then did admin. Just when he thought we had finished all the Memberships BANG more appear, But on a positive side we all signed up and now are official members of SYN, WOOP, WOOP! I then had to leave early because I had another commitment but I said adios to my fellow friends, there were a lot of tears involved haha   so long and fair well Bye bye ashira xx


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