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 With the week drawing to a close and the weather getting worse every day, I was definetely enjoying the benefits of the heater. We spent most of our time today at the house and in the studio. Today was filled with craziness, not just from me but from everyone.
We started off with some admin work, just finishing it all up before the info session tonight. Putting things into Mail Chimp was easy but not boring.  Then after we finished, Kristina told us to meet in the back. We all sat down with pencils and paper and got to our next task, creating ID’s. We were pretty exicited so we put our brains to work into thinking up some creative ideas for some ID’S. ID’S are the little snippets of audio you hear in-between songs or ads that remind you what station your on. We were in the studio from 2-2:25pm and recorded a whole bunch of stuff which included the infamous watermelon fridge, a rap and accapella.
After that we met Eddie at the house. Eddie does the Panorama news breaks on Thursdays and he gave us the job of writing the news snippets. I had to research the Census which was released today and write about 90 words on it. We all had different topics and when it was done, we headed to the studio to do them on-air. I was pretty nervous because I had a lot to say on the script, but it turned out fine even if I stuffed up a couple of words. We also sat on the hour long news show Panorama and joined in the disscussion about teachers and played a animal sound game.
We had a very short 15 minute break today, because Thursdays were apparantly the busiest day of the week. We got back at the house at around quarter past 5 and started the weekly music meeting. We went around in a circle saying our names and what we had been listening to over the past week. I had been listening to a lot of Owl City recently, so I just said I listened to that. The best part was digging through the big boxes of CD’s and being able to take any we wanted. That was all we did! And I think Ashira and Tom went a little crazy….
We only have one day left at SYN and I don’t want to go back to school! 


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