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Frisco 01 – International disco and funk (07/07/2020)


Say hello to Frisco, your new weekly international disco, jazz, soul and funk music show on SYN.

Each week I’ll share music from around the world, focusing on bringing an international variety of disco and funk music to your airwaves. From Brazil, to Japan, the Middle East, France, and everywhere in between, I hope to bring you some feel-good vibes from all over the place.

Tune in to 90.7 FM Tuesdays at 5pm.

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  1. Touch Me - Fonda Rae
  2. Sparkle - Tatsuto Yamashita
  3. Rational Culture - Tim Maia
  4. Kilmandjaro My Home - Eko
  5. Ivory - Kio Amachree
  6. Slave To The Rhythm - Grace Jones
  7. Visa Pour Aimer - Plaisir
  8. Faces - Clio

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