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Frisco 07 | Forgotten gems (18/08/2020)

frisco - international disco

This week on Frisco, we’re focusing on forgotten gems from countries like South Africa, Belize and the Caribbean.

No feature EP this week but a few songs from Cultures of Soul Records.

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  1. Town (Instrumental) - Saucy Lady
  2. Flash a Light (Gerd Janson disco dub) - Benjamin Ball
  3. Odze Odze (Alma Negra remix) - The Jagger Botchway Group
  4. Got To Have You - Joanne Wilson
  5. I Just Keep Dancing (Soul Clap remix) - Benjamin Ball
  6. That’s How Much He Loves Me - Calvin B. Rhone
  7. Love Affair (Sol Power All Stars rework) - SJOB Movement
  8. Society - Emanuel Taylor
  9. Use My Body - Mavis John
  10. Sahrany (Tjade edit) - Ehab Tawfik
  11. Party Beats - Nkono Teles
  12. Sunshine - Bro David

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