Future of the Left – Polymers Are Forever

Although still holding the sound of what they once were with their former bassist/keyboardist, Future of the Left have grown into a more foot-stomping, head-banging four-piece band. Their new EP, Polymers Are Forever, has a running theme of lyrical repetition that are to some extent comical in the way lead singer Andy Falkous sings and words his phrases. The album starts with a great bang employing thick bass and crunchy harsh guitars with a two-note synth organ, while Falkous’s great scratchy-throat voice chants a play on the definition of polymers. “Old stones collected in plastic bags…then placed in rows on the ocean floor, your friends, polymers”. The lyrics in this EP have been very cleverly set out, allowing the band to play around with not only the way Falkous sings it but also for Egglestone (drums), Watkins (guitar) and Ruzicka (bass/keyboards) to be playful in the way they combine their melodies. The guitars correspond alternately with either the beat or the vocals. Not once does the music sound abstract or half-heartedly composed on any of the tracks. The next two tracks continue to carry the foot-stomping beat and harsh guitar. The EP starts to get a little bit mellower after the fourth track, “My Wife Is Unhappy”, but Future Of The Left manage to keep up the ‘fun sound’ by letting the drums explore more of the playful side that makes you want to jump around like a maniac. It’s that fourth track where Falkous’s comical vocals are most evident. The emphasis on certain words and variations in the tone allows the song to take on a story of a mundane family in which the wife seems to be quite severely depressed. Although it’s quite depressing the lyrics give the listener to smile from time to time. “Instead of common sense her parents gave her whiskey and that is why she loves them and that is why he loves her.” For the next track there’s even a similarity to Marilyn Manson with Falkous’s spiteful way of talking and his use of religion, “Think of us as ready made, Jesus loves a renegade” and instruments as non-vocal influences to back-up his thoughts and ideas. A polymer is defined as “a substance that has a molecular structure consisting chiefly or entirely of a large number of similar units bonded together, e.g., many synthetic organic materials used as plastics and resins.” Future Of The Left are a band that has a melodic structure consisting chiefly or entirely of a large number of crunching guitars, heavy drum beats, simple two to three keyboard chord variations and vocals that are hard to copy bonded together, e.g., Future Of The Left’s Polymers Are Forever.by Kristina Dias

November 10th 2011
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