Gabe’s SYN Work Experience: Day 1

Hiya!Let me just close that tab of a YouTube video of Basset Hounds running in slow-motion (never mind) so I can begin this blog post on my first ever totally rad day at SYN! I’m Gabe. From Geelong, in the big smoke for a week to do some work experience. I’m into most kinds of music, people and talking on the reg. And brownies (on the reg also). My day started with a brief tour of the House of SYN, as well as the studios at RMIT where we were told about all the Media law and what-not. After that we returned back to the House of SYN for a team meeting. Okay, so I work at McDonald’s (YOU GOT IT OUT OF ME!). The last team meeting I had there involved fries and toilet cleaner. The SYN team meeting I experienced involved M&Ms and an odd Girls poster hanging from Anida’s wall. Syn. I want in. What I loved sick about it though was everyone was really professional with a sense of fun about everything they did. After all the minutes of the meeting were wrapped up it was down to the computers to create an account for my blog post that you’re reading now (I feel like you should have had a prize for getting this far). After our lunch break we were set to work wrapping some CDs (some I nabbed for myself also) and we took it upon ourselves to have a bit of a crafternoon and create some signature SYN wrapping paper with the stamps, no you’re welcome. That’s it? No way! Like Larry Emdur’s teeth, yes there’s more! We sat in on some cool doodz spitting some funky stories all over the mic (radio lingo?) in the studio for ‘Objection’, SYN’s under-18 show. I also got to put in my two cents about Dunlop Volleys and Grade 2. Okay maybe 10 cents. It was so great watching an actual radio show in production and learning all the behind the scenes stuff. It really made me want to pursue something in radio. Thanks for a tops first day! Peace I’m out! (Until tomorrow, sorry)Gabe


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