Gabe’s SYN Work Experience: Day 2

 Bongiourno! (Yes I’ve done a little year 8 Italian, I won’t show off though) Waiting for 1pm to roll around and work experience to start is a drag. I try and make breakfast last 5 hours. I catch a 11:24 train and now realise that I have so much dirt up my nose from travelling on a V/Line train that if I sneezed and Gina Rinehart would turn up with a shovel. First item on the agenda? IDs.What’s an ID you ask? You know those little identifiers that let the ballers listening to the wireless know what station they are listening too? (to be honest I think all radios should come default on SYN, and only have SYN on them – just an idea. GET A PEN AUSTRALIA). We started off brainstorming some ideas, whilst listening to old mate Anida dish about her savoury muffin she was having for lunch (savoury muffin? There’s enough disappointment in the world. Drag.) Then we were to set to work in the studio and dropped some gold on to the mics that will hopefully make for some tops listening. After downing some mad eats at lunch (sandwich mum made, thanks) we got on our grind on a computer again to finalise our IDs. Then at about 4 o’clock we were taken down to the CH 31 studios to watch 1700 be filmed. The only ever experience I had had with CH 31 was the country music show my Dad watches on Saturday afternoons which he loves sick. The entire CH 31 crew seemed laid back cool and collected, I learnt so much. I loved every minute of it. After a quick tour of the control room and a meet and great with the rad doodz who host 1700 it was show time. After an add break I was wacked on a camera. I loved 1700 so hard it felt totally homemade but still really profesh. A bit like when Julie Goodwin does cooking shows. It totally made me rethink TV! Thanks for another rad day SYN! Peace I’m out – Gabe 


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