Gabe’s SYN Work Experience: Day 4

 SYN. I want in. I write to you wearing one of my raunchier knitted jumpers (the sleeves aren’t quite long enough, PUT MY WRIST AWAY!) about my fourth, and second last (sad face) day at SYN! Today we were introduced to the Thursday Panorama team headed by Clancy. Panorama is the same concept as A Current Affair but with less Tracy Grimshaw, old people and parking fines. After a briefing of the stories that would be covered in today’s broadcast, fellow work experience baller Grace and I were sent down to RMIT to catch some mad vox pops of various uni students thoughts and opinions on the Federal Government Cuts to Tertiary Education and Same-sex marriage legalisation in New Zealand. It was tops to see how so many different opinions on the same subject were had just in RMIT. After that we took our recordings back to the House of SYN and created a package by cutting out snippets of people’s opinions and smashing them on a backing track. After the show was finalised we head down to the studio to drop some gold for panorama which including yaking about burgers (NFOM, not for on air mate, more radio lingo????, no you’re welcome) between stories. The whole experience was so chilled and so so so rad.Then we had a meeting with the music department (the music department includes a table, and a sign that says music department). All the people were so great and I could really relate to their taste in music. We got to search for news tracks, talk about some new tunes we’ve been sinking and even contribute to SYNs Sweet 16 songs of the week. I loved meeting the new people, let alone the music.   Peace I’m out! Gabe


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