Gang Gang Dance – ‘Eye Contact’

From the moment Eye Contact kicks off you can feel that the album is transcendental, a symphony of synths and chimes that sound like they were composed outside of this world. The opening track ‘Glass Jar’ also opens with my favourite line of any starting ten seconds of a track; “it’s everything time”. And the band really do include everything here, creating an opening soundscape that sets up the pace for the rest of the album. 
Like most people I am a bit of a hype hater, so I was reluctant to delve into this album for fear of disappointment but as soon as Lizzi Bougatsos’ voice lifted above the band my worries dissipated. It came as a surprise to learn that Gang Gang Dance are Manhattan based, as the way Lizzi sings is geared more towards what I would have thought a European persuasion such as The Knife. But it’s a bit of a task picking influence in this album, with synth drone, clean crisp guitar and even a couple of kettle drum solos it’s a bit of an eclectic mix. 
Although there’s a lot to be found in every track on this record; ‘Thru and Thru’ with it’s epochal dance feel and Phil Collin’s drum fills and ‘Adult Goth’ which brings to mind a Mars Volta track if they adopted a female vocalist and electro stylings via The Cure, it is ‘Romance Layers’ that is a real stand out track. With a persistent funk heartbeat and a killer bass groove it’s a track that has sums up the albums direction, it really shows the different musical influences that the band want to bring into play. I can’t help but think of George Michael when I listen to this song but there’s something so catchy that it’s hard to forgive the cheesiness.
If you’re afraid to pick up an album due to the hype that has preceded it I would definitely forgo your prejudices and give Eye Contact a listen. There is truly a track for everyone as there are a myriad of influences to be picked out of this, but if you’re a fan of eclectic dance and electro then definitely give this album a listen. Just make sure your feet are securely fastened to a bed or something; ’cause space can be super lonely.  
– Jonty Thompson