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Day 1:

Today was my first day of work experience at SYN. Before coming in this afternoon, I was so nervous because I had no idea what to expect; I had no clue how radio stations work. I was very interested to discover how presenters prepare for and actually present a radio show.

I began the day with a tour of the SYN house and was introduced to the staff at SYN; they were all very welcoming and friendly, and everyone was really laidback and chill. Then, I listened to podcasts of previous shows to gather an idea of how SYN structure their shows and how they present.

After this, I sat in with ‘Panorama’ and observed how they prepare before a show, and then sat in the studio and further observed inside the studio as they presented. There was a lot of pressure beforehand to finish scripts and editing interviews and such on time. There were many technical difficulties before and during the show; the printer inside the SYN house didn’t work, so the scripts had to be printed off inside RMIT, and then the computer inside the studio crashed halfway through the show, so the pre-recorded interviews stopped working.

It was interesting observing how the Panorama team dealt with their technical issues. Instead of running a pre-recorded interview, they did an actual conversation between the host and one of the reporters. This was a great idea and although there were many obstacles to get through, throughout the show, everyone was calm and composed and helped each other out.

It was interesting to learn about some of the pressures that occur whilst preparing for and presenting a radio show and the reward of overcoming these pressures. Although the technology proved unreliable, the Panorama team still successfully presented their show smoothly.

I’m looking forward to the rest of my week at SYN, and discovering even more that is involved with media and also meeting lots of new people.


Day 2 & 3:

I started off my third day of Work Experience at SYN by writing a music review. This was something very new to me so I didn’t quite know what to include within the review. I was told to write the song title, the artist, and some background information. This ended up being a very fun activity because I simply had to choose four songs that I liked or disliked and explain why I liked or dislike them.

After this, I had a break and then I travelled to C31, to join the 1700 team. I was expecting to just observe the 1700 team as they prepared and performed their TV show, but they took the time to explain how the cameras worked and how to operate most of the equipment in the control room. This was all a lot to remember, but it was very fun to learn about. I ended operating one of the cameras on the set of the show, which was something new and it was very fun.

On the fourth day of work experience, I started off the day by wrapping more CDs, which I didn’t mind. It was just a matter of sorting through CDs and wrapping the ones which weren’t demos. After this, I had a break, and I got to participate in the staff meeting.

The staff meeting was different to what I expected. I thought it was going to be something formal, but it was pretty casual, and there was free food which is always nice to have. This was my first time meeting a couple of the staff members as well, and they were all really nice, laidback, and also really funny.

Just as my week of work experience is almost drawing to a close, I’ve found that I have settled in really nicely, and easily, purely because everyone I’ve spoken to during this week have been so kind, friendly, and also encouraging.


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