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JANUARY 27 2020

We hope you enjoyed  this morning with your Get Cereal Monday team! This week the crew spoke about topics including Fourteen facts to feel Fantastic, Concert recommendations, Favorite places in Melbourne, What are we looking forward to this year,bad dad jokes, High school horrible stories, wholesome story of the week and Do’s and don’t do’s in life. Jitan and Jacob will be back next  week for their second show of the season and to continue the season on wards for 2020.So, tune in next week for the seasons second episode.

This aired on 27 January 2020


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  1. Yellow,blue and grey - fan girl
  2. Match Bet - Squid
  3. Complainer - Cold War Kids
  4. High Noon - Close Counters
  5. Suck on Light - Boy and bear
  6. Honey - Serf
  7. Keep on - Courtney Barnett (Loose Tooth cover)
  8. So easy - Triple one ft matt corby and kwame
  9. sandcastles - Cable ties
  10. Big World - Mobs
  11. ain't got you - port royals
  12. Slowly Slowly - Safety Switch
  13. High over love - Sunscreen
  14. Why don't we get along - Kira Puru
  15. Mama Danced on soul train (DJ skomezee's figergun Refix) - So.crates
  16. Doin' me - KG
  17. Be okay - Trigz
  18. Streetlamps(abridged) - Harry James Angus
  19. All in good time - Eddy current suppression ring
  20. not gonna let you go - Messy Mammals
  21. Born to stand out - L Fresh and the Lion
  22. Bam Bam - Karate Boogaloo
  23. Respect my space - Niasha
  24. POKE (MIXMSTR) - Yibby ft Raj Mahal
  25. Freedom - Sampa the great
  26. Who am I (channel Tres Remix) - Toro y moi

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