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Get Cereal Playlist – 14.8.15


Rock DJ – Robbie Williams

1.    Midnight To Monaco – Suicide (INT SWEET 16)

2.    Big Scary – Organism

3.    Albert Salt – I Don’t Want To Be (AUS SWEET 16)

4.    The Jungle Giants- It Gets Better

5.    Peaches- Light In Places

6.    Meg Mac – Never Be

7.    Moses Gunn Collective- Colour Television (Mercy Mountain- AUS FEATURE ALBUM)

8.    Calling Mayday- Say Goodbye

9.    !!! (pronounced chk chk chk) – Freedom! ’15 (INT SWEET 16)

10.  Fifth Dawn- Turbulence

11.  Georgia Mae – Keeper Of The Key (AUS SWEET 16)

12.  Going Swimming – Them Shakes

13.  Kira Puru- All Dulled Out

14.  Mac DeMarco- Just To Put Me Down (Another One- INT FEATURE ALBUM)

15.  FOALS- Mountain At My Gates

16.  Low – What Part Of Me (INT SWEET 16)

17.  Lusts – Waves

18.  Paces – Bamboo (AUS SWEET 16)

19.  Kate Boy- Midnight Sun

Starting Over – Brittany Leo

20.  Wells- Fracture


August 14th 2015
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