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Get Cereal Playlist 15 August 2014

  1. Won’t You See    GL   

  2. Watersport    Fishing    

  3. Sexy Mystery Song    

  4. Space    Alison Wonderland  

  5. Slave Trade    Ribongia    

  6. Racer     Fishing       

  7. Milk and honey   Lyall Moloney   

  8. Merewif   Willow Beats   

  9. Like That  White Fence   Releasing a special  7 inch record with Jack Name in early September

  10. Holiday      Neighbourhood Youth Young band already with merch t-shirts

  11. Hero      Wildcat! Wildcat!

  12. Halogen Moon   Wintercoats  

  13. Half A Man   Neighbourhood Youth  

  14. Ghosts    Andrei Eremin  

  15. The Crueller Kind     Eugene McGuinness

  16. Cash Talk [Prod. By Metro Boomin & 808 Mafia]   – Metro Thuggin   

  17. Blue & That    –    Dick Diver    

  18. A Better Way    –  Oblako Lodka    

  19. Basic Instinct   The Acid   

  20. All under one roof raving       Jamie xx 

21. Gotcha – Jessica Mauboy


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