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Get Cereal Playlist – 22/04/2015

1.     Lapalux – Puzzle (ft. Andreya Triana) 

2.     Bronte- Until Its Said

3.     Howling – Stole The Night

4.     Shag Rock – Champagne

5.     Boxed In- Foot Of The Hill

6.     General disarray – Salmonella Devil 

7.     Alabama Shakes- Dunes 

8.     Marlon Williams- Hello Miss Lonesome

9.     Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Deeper Shadows 

10.  Jupiter Falls- Chasing The Dragon

11.  Horror My Friend – Mazes 

12.  The Shy Lips – Bahia Part II 

13.  Mojo Juju- If You Wanna Stay 

14.  Other Lives- 2 Pyramids

15.  Darts – Aeroplane 

16.  Game- Ryda

17.  Hedge Fund- Look Who’s Back

18.  Desaparecidos – City On The Hill

19.  Elana Stone – Steely Dan 

20.  The Coolites- Growing Up In Australia

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