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Get Cereal Playlist 23.6.15



1.    Banff- The Great Unknown (AUS SWEET 16)

2.    Alvarez Kings- Tell-tale Heart

3.    Albert Hammond Jr.  – Born Slippy (INT SWEET 16 LAST WEEK)

4.    Gena Rose Bruce- Good Thing

5.    Lo Tide – Flow (ft. Carolyn Cahill) (AUS SWEET 16 LAST WEEK)

6.    FOALS- What Went Down (INT SWEET 16)

7.    Chase Rice- Ready Set Roll

8.    The Maccabees- Something Like Happiness (INT SWEET 16)

9.    Nate Reuss- Brightside

10.  Little May-Home (AUS SWEET 16)

11.  Desaparecidos- Te Amo Camila Vallejo (Payola- International Feature Album)

12.  Dividers- Best Laid Plains

13.  Gardens & Villa- Fixations (INT SWEET 16)

14.  Capre- Get Off On You

15.  The Jungle Giants- Kooky Eyes (AUS SWEET 16)

16.  Kid Radio- Young Heart

17.  La Luz – You Disappear  (INT SWEET 16 LAST WEEK)

18.  Way Of The Eagle- Rattlesnake ft Dan Sultan (KODO- Australian Feature Album)

19. Sean Marchetti- Move

19.  Yukon Blonde- Saturday Night

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