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Get Cereal Playlist 4/3/15

1.Gordi ­ Taken Blame (sweet 16)

2.Tropics – Rapture

3.Purity Ring – Repetition (international feature)

4.Lurch & Chief – Fading Out

5.Metz – Acetate (sweet 16)

6.Baro – Bears

7.Soko – Who Wears The Pants

8.Au.Ra – You’re On My Mind (Australian Feature)

9. B.F.C – Rebecca Maree  

10.Tim Omaji (the artist formerly known as Timomatic) – Something Bout You

11.Big Sean ­ All Your Fault (ft. Kanye West) (explicit) (sweet 16)

12.Crepes ­ Stages Of Fear

13.The Murlocs – Adolescence (sweet 16)

14.Floris Bates ­ In The Winter

15.Miami Horror ­ Love Like Mine (ft. Cleopold) (sweet 16)

16.Vince­Jay – Aquatic Troubles

17.Clowns – Euthanise Me

18.Prespeus ­ White And Yellow (sweet 16)

19.Ainslie Wills – Drive

20.Damn Vandals ­ Mad As Hell

21.Cosmo Sheldrake ­ Rich (ft. Anndreyah Vargas) (sweet 16)

22.Galleri – Tacky Part

23.The Tallest Man On Earth – Sagres

24.Purity Ring – Push Pull (international feature)

(Please note we also played: Tania – Wonder Stranger and Uptown Funk – Markromson and Bruno Mars) 


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