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Get Cereal Playlist 8.8.14


Get Cereal Playlist 8.8.14

Anything New       2:58        Twerps   Twerps                                                  

Cherry Street        3:07        Tijuana Panthers                                                                 

Don’t Wait (Giraffage Remix)             4:00        Mapei    

Don’t Wanna Try  3:52        Saskwatch             

Germland (of Julien Charbonneau)  3:38        Mosman Alder                                                     

The Hammer         3:43        Total Control         Henge Beat                                          

Kick out the AmberLamps  4:48        ScotDrakula                                          

Listen Up               2:06        Ross De Chene Hurricanes

Little Killer             2:59        Merchandise       

Miss The Boat       3:41        Spiderbait                                                                             

My Neck                3:44        Step-Panther       

Paradise (Ft. Geogia Potter)               4:14        Zaped    

A Power 5:00        How To Dress Well                                                                             

See You Fall           3:17        How To Dress Well             

Somebody That I Used To Know        4:05        Gotye     Making Mirrors                                   

Stop the Tape       4:21        Louise Love          

Surgeon 4:25        St Vincent                                             

We are Strangers 3:33                        Ali E                                       

Windmill                5:50        Wintercoats

The Naysayers – Fools Gold Rush

#1 Dads – So Soldier

Chicks Who Love Guns – The Deep Ends

cln – Better Than

Laura Jean – Don’t Marry The One You Love

Moses Gunn Collective – Shalala


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