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Get Cereal Playlist 8/4/15


1.Cheap Fakes ­ Just In Case


2.Hot Chip ­ Need You Now (sweet 16)


3.East India Youth – Turn Away


4.Alpine – Foolish (sweet 16)


5.The Japanese House ­ Pools To Bathe In


6.Naked Bodies – Monkey Blues (Australian Feature – ‘Piranha’)


7.Jamie XX ­ Loud Places (sweet 16)


8.Amanda Easton – The New Bohemians


9.The Artfuls ­ All Over Town (sweet 16)


10.Algiers – Blood


11.Drenge –  Running Wild (International Feature – ‘Undertow’)


12.Bad//Dreems ­ Cuffed And Collared


13.The Maccabees ­ Marks To Prove It (sweet 16)


14.This Fiasco – Take Me There


15.Golden Vessel ­ Control (ft. Caleb Hodges) (sweet 16)


16.Chastity Belt – Cool Sluts


17.Georgia ­ Move Systems (sweet 16)


18.Barbarossa – Imager


19.Valkyries – Inward Voyager


20.Boats – Shallows (sweet 16)

We also played:

The Pass Outs – Start A Fire 

The Pass Outs – Take It From Me 

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