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Get Cereal Playlist for Thursday, November 12th



1. Kolomensky ­ Golden (ft. Aria Lanelle) 
2. Just A Gent ­ Heavy As A Heartbreak (ft. Lanks) (AUS SWEET 16) 
3. Jakarta Criers ­ All Been Done 
4. RW Grace­ All The Friends I Lost 
5. Grimes­ Art Angels (Art Angels­ INT FEATURE ALBUM) 
6. Bella Paige ­ My Girls 
7. Timeslides­ This Is The End 
8. PWRHAUS ­ How I Feel About You (INT SWEET 16) 
9. King Charles­ Loose Change For The Boat Man 
10. The Cairos ­ Love Don’t Feel Right (AUS SWEET 16) 
11. Aha – Take on Me (7am Rewind)
12. Set Mo­ Chasing Forever feat. ALPHAMAMA 
13. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off
14. Wishes­ I Want To Be Alone With You 
15. City Calm Down­ Wandering (In A Restless House­AUS FEATURE ALBUM) 
16. Gypsy and the Cat – The Piper’s Song
17. Dividem ­ All In My Head 
18. The Japanese House ­ Letter By The Water (INT SWEET 16) 
19. Pretty City ­ Mary Go Round 
20. Brous ­ The Sound (AUS SWEET 16) 
21. BØRNS ­ American Money 
22. Dæphne ­ Sharpness Is The Game I Play (INT SWEET 16) 
23. Palms ­ No More 
24. White Rabbits – Percussion Gun

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