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Get Cereal Saturdays – 31st March 2018

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1. Get Inspired. (1:13) 2. Dogs go to the movies. (4:29) 3. How not to eat a pie. (9:28) 4. Jules’ blind faith in technology. (14:07) 5. Get on the Couch: Red Sparrow. (18:04) 6. Crazy News of the Week. (21:10) 7. Sam’s Bumble bio results. (24:29) 8. April Fools’ Day is on Easter Sunday. (30:47) 9. Footy quotes relate to everything. (35:17) 10. Kids Say The Darndest Things. (38:31) 11. Taking photos of mirrors. (41:34) 12. RIP Smorgy’s. (45:22)

April 3rd 2018
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