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Get Cereal Season 4 Episode 3 (22/10/2018)

Get cereal Monday 22/10/2018.

Get Cereal. Monday Crew: Jacinta, Kate, Annabelle, Catherine and Jitan.

This Morning the Monday Crew talked about and maybe even opened up about on topics and segments such as Favorite Video Games, Dad Jokes, International stuttering awareness day, National coloring day, National nut day, Whats happening in the government at the moment,Cryptids are they real? and so much more.

Full Morning Playlist is below:


  1. Clumsy Love - Thelma Plum
  2. Cosmic Perceptive - Mndsgn
  3. Jimmy Recard - Drapht
  4. My Hands - Running Touch
  5. Snow - Angus and Julia Stone
  6. Confidence - Ocean Alley
  7. Fire - Peking Duck
  8. The way she dances - N.E.R.D
  9. Phase me - LOSER
  10. Sweet Emotion - The Kooks
  11. Mo's Desert Clubhouse - WHARVES
  12. Blow that Smoke - Major Lazer , Trove Love
  13. Stuck Around - Bugs
  14. Scar - Missy Higgins
  15. Wave - Kaylah Truth, Negra Beats
  16. Roll (Burbank Funk - The Internet
  17. Sunset Dreaming (Djapana Remix) - Birdz
  18. Maybe - Dear Seattle
  19. Making Breakfast - Twin Peaks
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