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Get Cereal Wednesday 6 July 2016 Podcast – Weekly Comedian Segment – Anthony McCormack


Get Cereal Wednesdays on 90.7 FM SYN.

Demi, Nathan and Jake talk to Anthony McCormack on this week’s comedian segemnt on Get Cereal.

Anthony is not only a comedian, but a journalist, television and radio producer and starting right here at SYN and Channel 31.

These days Anthony is the co-host of a very funny panel comedy show called The Leak along with Michael Shafar and Jacqueline Mifsud which can be seen on Friday nights at 8:30 PM on Channel 31.

Anthony has produced many television and radio programs over the years, but most importantly being the first ever executive producer of the first season of Get Cereal right here on 90.7 FM.

To be in the live studio audience for The Leak, email audience@rmitv.org

Original airdate: Wednesday 6 July 2016. 

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