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Hey! My name’s Tess, I’m the General Manager of SYN Media, perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Volunteering at SYN is a great way to find a job in the media and communications sectors, so we thought we’d help that along a little bit with a one-stop-shop blog of tips from industry experts on how to get a job. Enter: Content Development Coordinator and the curator of this here blog. Then, enter: me, the first person to write a blog post, and it’s about how to get a job at SYN!

I do most of the recruitment at SYN, particularly for full time and part time positions, so if you want to work at SYN, here’s 5 things you can do:

1. Read the position description VERY CAREFULLY

Like, every single word. The position description tells you what is expected of the person in the role and what sort of skills you need to perform the role well. If something doesn’t make sense, just ask, there will be an email contact somewhere on that PD. Get to know the position and the tasks involved, and make sure you follow any instructions closely as this demonstrates a strong attention to detail, something I look for in all applications.

2. Please talk to me. I’m so lonely.

Not really, but I do want to hear from you if you’re interested a job! I’ll happily chat away about the jobs we have open at SYN, so I’m always amazed by how few people take me up on the offer. Since you’ve already read the position description so closely, you probably have some questions about it, so email me.

3. Focus on the important bit: KEY SELECTION CRITERA

At SYN we ask all applicants to respond to each key selection criteria with their relevant experience. This is where you need to really sell yourself.

Bad responses to key selection criteria don’t provide examples of your experience. Good responses provide an example and explain your process in this skill. Great responses provide an example, explain your process and demonstrate how you would bring these skills to the position you’re applying for.

Since examples are so great, let’s have a little e.g. shall we?

Imagine that one of the Key Selection Criteria for a fabulous job that you desperately want is ‘highly organized with strong attention to detail’.

A great response would read something along the lines of “I have demonstrated my high level of skill in organization and attention to detail in my role as the Executive Producer of Art Smitten, wherein I was tasked with writing the weekly runsheet. As I was not able to be in-studio every week, the runsheet had to be easy to understand and, above all, correct to the smallest detail. In the role of General Manager at SYN, I will utilise these skills in writing budgets and supporting the administration requirements of SYN staff”

If you don’t have specific experience relevant to some of the key selection criteria, you must still respond! Try explaining how you would up-skill in anticipation of the role, e.g. ‘effective budgeting is an area that I would like to up-skill in significantly and, if I am successful in my application for the position of General Manager, I will complete a financial forecasting short course at the Centre for Adult Education prior to commencing the role.’

4. No typos. None.

You could write the best ever response to a key selection criteria explaining how you have the strongest attention to detail in the entire world, but if there’s a typo in there, you’ve kind of proved the contrary. Edit your application. Read it over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And oevr. And over.

5. You can do it, put your heart in to it

If you’re applying for a job at SYN, you probably love the organization, the job and the community, so please don’t be shy about it.

Ok ok ok, that’s enough for this mini essay – whatever, I fail on the ‘concise written communication’ key selection criteria – but I hope this has been helpful! Got a question? Email me – [email protected].

So now that you’re ready to apply for a job here at SYN, why not check out what’s available?

Laterz haterz,


By Tess Lawley
General Manager
July 2016


July 15th 2016
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