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The Glam Gizmo – Season 2 Finale


The Glam Gizmo approaches the high-stake finale of Season 2 in a two part story concluding the latest story arc.

In the episodes making up the last season, the formidable tour de force of the Clockmaker brings our heroes to their breaking point, and reality is looking worse for wear.

In Episode 6, Lucy and Yodalin travel to a mysterious island off the coast of Victoria where a deadly secret is waiting for them, Gibbons and Lydia enter inside the Professor’s mind and Max takes a journey down memory lane.

And in the final chapter for the series, Max meets his match, who forces him to make an impossible choice – to choose his life from his dreams or reality, Casper comes to his true roots and Lucy faces an ultimate battle.

The overall season has seen the return of AJ Winters, Anna Faye, Luke Peverelle and Clint Facey (Home and Away) in their respective roles of Lucy, Yodalin, Casper and Max, as well as a special guest cast including Simon Fisher Becker (Doctor Who, Harry Potter), Dave Callan (Triple J), Benjamin McEllen (Transmansplaining) and Gary Boulter (Packed To The Rafters).

If you’ve missed out on this season, you can catch up on the episodes below:


2.1 – Gate Crashers

It’s been a year at most since life turned back to normal.

Lucy and Max are getting ready for their big day and Yodalin prepares to say goodbye to somebody important.

Meanwhile, Casper is fighting his inner demons and Professor Paradox has to go on a journey – one that transcends reality itself.

But will an unwelcome guest arrive to ruin the wedding?


2.2 – The Curious Case of the Speckled Hen

Professor Paradox takes Yodalin across the dimensional plane, but on her return home, she finds herself in another version of reality that is quite different from her own.

After meeting an alternate version of Lucy, she soon learns events in this new timeline occur ever so differently. Professor Paradox exists as a science fiction show, a man named Hector is in charge of operations at Celestial Avenue and a man named Conrad is obsessed with Yodalin… and it’s 1968.


2.3 – Blood of the Crawlies

When two strangers meet on a Melbourne tram late one night, the last thing they expect is to be ambushed by a group of giant flesh hungry spiders.

The Crawlies are back and nobody is safe.


2.4 – A Day in the Death

Violet and Croaky travel from an alternate reality to the underworld to deliver an important message, but they soon find out the bus fares are not cheap.


2.5 – The Adaxis Asperity

Gibbons has a mission. A Very important mission. When he breaks into the National Gallery to steal a priceless jewel, the last thing he expects is to come across a lost child. But there’s an evil force beyond the physical realm that is lingering and it has eyes on Gibbons.

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