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 So I am a little behind updating. Sorry about that 😉
In my opnion the last day was sad. I didn’t want to go back to school and I really enjoyed the week I spent with everyone. The last day at SYN was mainly admin but it was still fun. Ashira had to leave early that day but we still got everything done. We started the day off with more filing the forms in folders and wrapping up all the CD’s leftover from the music meetingt. That took up quite a bit of time. After that we got to edit our AWESOME ID’s from Thursday on Adobe Audition. That was fun because we got to laugh at all the stuff we said. More membership entering followed but this time, we got to enter own own memberships into the database! YAY! I’M A SYN MEMBER NOW! BRAGGING RIGHTS XD
After our lunch break, Tom and I got to sort through more CD’s. We had to throw all the insides out and keep the covers. We ended up playing a makeshift version of CD frisbee and enjoying the sound of peeling stickers of the plastic. It was loads of fun and we got it all done with about half an hour left. We went back to Kristina who gave us a bunch of forms to file and we finished those quickly too. We got to leave early after promising we would definetely be back!
This week has been loads of fun for me. I think I have learned a lot at my time at SYN and made new friends too! 😀
Bye bye SYN. 🙂
~ Evie


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