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Graveyard Shift With Joshua Caleb 06/9/2019


Night Radio with Joshua Caleb featuring Hip hop and pop music with live performances.


  1. Live my Life - Joshua Caleb
  2. Black Women - Joshua Caleb
  3. Runnin - Joshua Caleb
  4. I want to get High - Cypress Hill
  5. Party People - N.E.R.D.
  6. Super Freak - Rick James
  7. Lost ones - lauryn Hill
  8. N.Y State of mind - Nas
  9. Oh Baby - So.crates, alnitak kid and nelson dialect
  10. Thinin about you - Frank Ocean
  11. Life's a Bitch - Nas
  12. Imma Be - Black eyed peas
  13. That's what I like - Bruno Mars
  14. When the shit goes down - Cypress Hill
  15. Good Life - Kanye West feat T-Pain

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