Graveyards on SYN radio

Book a graveyard

A graveyard is an overnight shift on SYN radio, from 2am til 6am.

It’s a great way to polish your panelling skills and get yourself on air while you wait for a new season to begin.

All graveyard bookings happen through the members portal. Please forgive us: it’s a bit of a work in progress. Eventually, we’ll use this site for a whole lot of members business.

A quick reminder:

All graveyard-ers must be SYN members and SYN trained. You cannot under any circumstances get your non-SYN friends on air.

Go to the members portal and graveyard bookings.

You’ll need your membership number. It is on the card we sent you when you became a member.

If you’ve lost it or forgotten your number, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll look it up for you. Then we’ll brand it on your bottom so you don’t ever lose it again.

Any problems logging in, let us know on [email protected].