GROOVIN THE MOO 2017: Top Five Must See Acts


1) Amy Shark
Amy Shark came out of nowhere. Dropping Adore barely a month before voting opened for Triple J’s Hot 100, she slid into second place and not a single person was surprised – that song was absolutely stellar. With an unbelievably beautiful cover of Silverchair’s “Miss You Love” for Like A Version under her belt and some truly beautiful originals (“Golden Fleece”, “Spits On Girls”), she’s got curiosity on her side (as well as an ethereal voice), and is surely the number one must see on the lineup.

2) Slumberjack
Slumberjack know how to get a party started. When I saw them play at Splendour in the Grass it was like a bomb had gone off in the tent, it was just endless pandemonium and dancing and joy. From their deep and smooth track “Open Fire” with Daniel Johns, to their absolute banger “Fracture’ with Vera Blue, they’ve got the tunes to get any crowd grooving from the get-go. You definitely have to check them out!

3) L-Fresh The Lion
This guy is just a flat out legend. An absolute powerhouse on the stage and a smart, insightful lyricist, L-Fresh is at the forefront of the new generation of musicians changing the image of Aussie hip hop and proving that it’s not all summer days and VB tinnies. There’s real and important issues to be tackled through music and along with Remi and Urthboy, L-Fresh is leading the charge. With a new album released last year, it’s sure to be an absolute ripper of a set.

4) Milky Chance
It’s just a fact, no one will ever get over “Stolen Dance”. That tune wiggled it’s way into our brains and never really left. The German duo’s 2014 debut “Sadnecessary” was easy, smooth music designed to sooth a hangover or to play while you lie half-asleep next to a pool, and their new tunes seem to exist in a similar vein. It’s been a while since we’ve had them on our shores and with a new album on the way, it’s sure to be an absolute groover of a set.

5) Northeast Party House

This is just going to be one big goddamn party. Seriously put on your dancing shoes and get your arse to the middle of the pit for this one. There’s nothing I can say about Northeast Party House that hasn’t already been yelled at me by every single one of my friends at their sets. They put on an absolute banger of a party and everyone who is a part of it walks away a better person. I’m so serious, go see them perform.

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Words by Jacqui Picone.