Groovin The Moo Bendigo – Prince Of Wales Showgrounds, Saturday, 1st May 2010

 We arrived in Bendigo to a beautiful sunny day, with the prospect of sunburn, and it was clear that we were in for an autumn treat.
We were able to sneak into the Prince of Wales showgrounds, just in time to catch the ever pleasant and AMP award winning Lisa Mitchell.  With the backing of a solid band, Lisa put the crowd in good stead for the rest of the day, playing many of her hits.
From Lisa the attention was shifted to British India, who were next to entertain the 15,000 strong crowd from the impressive and sizeable dual main-stage.  With their brand new record ‘Avalanche’ released just the day before, there was a sense of anticipation as to how the new material would be received live. However once again, British India’s live show delivered once again, with new hits such as ‘Vanilla’ and ‘Safari’ fitting in nicely with British India’s back catalogue.
Next we headed over to the Moolin Rouge stage to check out late additions to the Groovin The Moo line-up, Space Invaders.  With the entire band decked out in a Star Wars get-up, the set included radio favourites  ‘Original’, ‘Life’, and ‘Done It Again’, to round out the summer with yet another solid summer festival performance.
It was then back to the main stages to catch Texas lads, Spoon, and it soon became clear why Transference had been spun so highly since its release in January.  Their short and simple, yet punchy and effective set, included highlights such as ‘Written In Reverse’, ‘Who Makes your Money’ and ‘The Way We Get By’, a set you could possibly argue that was more enjoyable than their performance at the Big Day Out a couple of years back.
Then came a moment that a significant portion (possibly mostly female) of the crowd had been holding out for, the performance of Canadian duo Tegan & Sara.  As the girls kicked into hits such as crowd favourite ‘Back In Your Head’, voices and dance-moves were unleashed everywhere throughout the crowd like little spot-fires, and it was clear that the mood had been taken up a notch.
Just as the some of the female contingent of the crowd had had their chance to unleash their joy during Tegan and Sara, some of the male contingent had the chance to unleash some testosterone as the almighty Grinspoon took to the stage.  Saving favourites such as ‘More Than You Are’ til the end of their set, Grinspoon also gave most of the crowd the chance to relive their youth and High School days.
Empire of the Sun were next to hit the main stages, and stunned the crowd with their exuberant costumes and choreographed routines.  We busted a move and snuck back to the Moolin Rouge stage to catch The Slew, a band that we’ve all heard a lot about, but hadn’t yet had the chance to see.  Six turntables on stage looks impressive, even imposing, however The Slew were able to deliver, with the former Wolfmother rhythm and keys section driving the Kid Koala to have the small but enthusiastic crowd bouncing around.
We skipped the end of The Slew to get back to the main-stages in time for Vampire Weekend, who, it had become clear, were the crowd favourites.  Their most impressive chandelier lit set the perfect backdrop for tracks such as ‘Oxford Comma,’ ‘A Punk’ and ‘Californian English’, with new tracks enjoyed just as much as those from their debut.
All in all, a great outing and a great day had by all.