Name: If you've already forgotten, we may have a problem.
Age: 23
Occupation: Full-time Arts graduate. That meaning, Jack-of-all-trades (or more accurately, Jack-of-several-aspects-of-the-one-trade): Barista, gig reviewer, extra (you may recognise the side of my face from such series as Neighbours, Offspring, and commercials only shown in Japan), out-of-work actor (see previous), and of course, Thursday night host on The Hoist.
Likes: Music and all it entails. Theatre. Film. Food. Paris. Being really cultured. Those I choose as friends. Those I don't get to choose as family but are pretty great anyway.
Dislikes: People who don't love music. Glorification of footballers. Bad grammar. Olives.
Favourite Aussie artist at the moment: The Preachers
Most memorable SYN moment yet: Presenting on my own for the first time with no warning (I'm new).