This week began with Tim and Laurie locking horns in an epic battle for who had the best name, to decide this they used the most reliable source on the subject… urban dictionary. With Tim emerging victorious the show carried on answering the most burning questions such as ‘How do I deal with Virgos?’ and ‘Can great be a sentence?’ It was also decided that if you see someone you know on the train you have exactly 3 minutes and 37 seconds after first eye contact to talk to them before it gets too uncomfortable. If the 3 minutes 37 elapses without talking to the person you may as well turn on your iPod and go back to trying to decipher the graffiti on the seat, unless you live on the east side of course. Next week will see the continuation a new segment where both hosts bring in a range of different news stories and try to fit their headlines to the other person’s stories.
Playlist: 18th Feb 2012
Million Voices – Otto Knows
Big Bank Hank – Blue Scholars
We Get Around – Urthboy
2012- Fareoh & Archie V.
Lonely Boy – The Black Keys
Spaceman – Hardwell
The Otherside – The Roots
Hello – The Potbelleez
Your Fit But You Know It – The Streets